Online Class - The Improv Army - Coming in 2022


In this class, you will be learning to make the improv figures to make a full quilt full of little people marching across it.

You will begin by making a basic figure of a lady or a man so that we all have the idea of construction, and move on to more complex figures and how to theme them. Ideas for your army might include a knight, nurse, superhero, nursery rhyme characters, characters from your favourite book or tv show… or a whole variety of all these people, marching across your quilt together!

Cost includes:

 - All classes have pre-recorded videos that you retain access to.

 - Two Zoom sessions one at beginning of class and one at end.

 - Student chat room that’s open during class dates. 

 - Patterns and notes included in price.

This class includes written patterns or notes, and full video instruction. During the week the class is “open”, there are two Zoom sessions and a class chat room for you to meet other students, show your work and get some help if you need it. The videos remain available to you after the class closes for the foreseeable future in your account at my website. Pre-recorded classes means you can join in from anywhere in the world when it suits you!