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Handy Notebook Backpack Pattern (PDF)


Comes as a PDF download with purchase receipt email.

I was in a stationery store not long ago and I saw a pile of beautiful hardcover notebooks with these little pencil case attachments on them. I thought to myself - how handy! To always have a pen or pencil attached to your notebook so you don't have to go rummaging for one! Picked it up - saw the price and promptly put it back. I could make that! I thought to myself. With cuter fabric, and for less than half that price!

And so I did, and now you can too.

They make lovely gifts - this past Christmas I bought all my family members a small Moleskine journal for their stockings, and made them backpacks to fit. I used fabric that suited each of their personalities, and filled them with pencils, a ballpoint, a small box pencil sharpener, a little eraser and some mints.

Once I'd made all the Christmas gifts I got to work making some for my favourite notebooks and sketchbooks. These Handy Notebook Backpacks are quick, fun and satisfying to make. They can be customised to suit any size of notebook, journal, diary, sketchbook or any other kind of book you can think of! They're so addictive I'm tipping a few notebooks in your house will be carrying a backpack pretty soon.