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Thread Heaven- Thread Conditioner

Thread Heaven is the only product created specifically to treat thread
Many products have been adapted from their intended uses to condition thread to make it 
easier to work with, but Thread Heaven Thread Conditioner & Protectant was conceived and
developed specifically to make thread more manageable, eliminate the negative side effects of
wax products, AND extend the lifetime of the finished work many years longer than untreated or wax treated threads. Thread heaven is absolutely unique, it is guaranteed to work, and it is the only thread conditioner, ever, to be patented. 
Thread Heaven extends the lifetime of thread & finished product
Thread Heaven extends the lifetime of your projects two ways: First by cutting down the stress
and drag on your thread while you are making the piece, and second, by leaving an invisiable, but virtually impenetrable coating that protects against environmental hazards like UV rays, mold and mildew.

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