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  • How the Sarah Fielke Block of the Month Works
    This year, the BOM will work this way: You can purchase the purchase the FreeSpirit fabric pack, FP6QTTP.BIGWOODS, featuring Besties, True Colors, Pint-Sized Prints & Solids by Tula Pink from participating retailers. You do not buy the pattern from retailers. Visit sarahfielke.com and buy a digital subscription to the BIG WOODS block of the month. The subscription includes access to the digital pattern and supporting instructional videos. The digital subscription will be available for purchase on Sarah’s website, starting APRIL 1, 2024. The first set of pattern instructions for the BIG WOODS BOM will be made available digitally starting August 1, 2024. The BIG WOODS subscription is available to purchase either on a month-by-month basis or purchased upfront for the full year. The pattern (which is only available via the subscription) is only available in a digital format, which can be downloaded and printed. With any Sarah Fielke BOM including BIG WOODS, you will not receive the complete pattern upfront regardless of purchase type. The full pattern will be available at the end of the 12-month program as a book from Sarah or retailers.
  • How much does the Big Woods Pattern and Videos cost?
    The cost to purchase is either $80 USD upfront or you can pay off over 12months at $6.67 USD per month (the 12months payments start from when you purchase it) You can purchase the 12 month subscription offer up to July 31, 2024. We will open payment options from April 1, 2024.
  • What does the pattern subscription cost include?
    A digital pattern each month for 12 months Digital templates you can download each month A video tutorial featuring Sarah and Tula each month for 12 months These are able to be viewed at www.sarahfielke.com once it is launched Once you set-up your account up and log into the website, there will be a coloring sheet, material requirements, key BOM dates, and other little bits and pieces to keep you engaged and excited before the program begins. • There will also be a link to join Sarah Fielke Quilts Facebook group. - Anyone making a Sarah Fielke quilt is in this group. As a member of this group you will have access to what other quilters are creating from Sarah’s programs, thus inspiring your own creativity and adding to the excitement for BIG WOODS. • The first set of pattern instructions for the BIG WOODS BOM will be made available digitally starting August 1, 2024. Each month you will have access via the BOM website to a NEW section of the BIG WOODS digital pattern and NEW corresponding video instruction. Pattern and video instructions are only accessible online through Sarah Fielke’s BIG WOODS portal. • The pattern can be downloaded, saved to your computers, and/or printed. • All templates will be at full size (some may need to be tiled or taped together) as well as a layout diagram for each animal. • The videos cannot be saved from the website but can be watched on demand whenever you wish. • You retain access to the BOM program for the foreseeable future. You do not lose access when the program ends. • Your shop or online retailer does not have access to the pattern unless they sign up just like you. As noted above, the first set of digital instructions will be live on August 1, 2024. An advance copy of the pattern is not available.
  • Do I need the fabric kit to join the BOM?
    No. Like all Sarah's BOMs you can use your own fabrics to make the quilt.
  • Where can I buy or pre-pay the fabric kit and will they run out?
    There will be retailers around the world stocking the fabric kit BUT make sure you get in early as they will sell out fast! We will link to a retail list in the coming weeks.
  • Why a new website?
    When we first launched Sarah's online shop and her online membership BOM back around 2016, there were no platforms that allowed you to set up both a shop and a membership website on the one website platform. So we had two websites. BUT in last year, one of the major website platform providers provided this on the one platform. So I had to bite the bullet and just do it. You can imagine having to manage two different websites all the time. Now we have one website to handle shopping, online classes and online BOMs so in future you just need to go to one website. www.sarahfielke.com. www.sarahfielke.com . I made the mistake of setting up SitchyMites on a different platform which I thought would be the new one but I found out that I couldn't upload old member in bulk so that was a pain. StitchyMites will also be added to this website in the coming weeks.
  • How to I access my Account after I join up to a subscription and pay?
    1. When you first join up to a subscription, you are forced to set up account by google, facebook or email. a) If you choose, google, you will see this image and be logged in by your google account. You will see this pop up. b) If you choose Facebook, you will see this pop up to log you in by your facebook account. c) if you choose email, you will need to add email address and add a password. Once you have finished paying, you see a Thank you page and you will automatically be logged into the website by the route you chose (google, facebook or email). You can see you are logged in by going to the Account Log In icon top right of the top navigation bar.
  • How do I access the subscription content on the website?
    There are two ways to access your content. 1. The first way is to go to Log In account a) Sign into your account top right of navigation bar. b) then you will see you are logged in if you scroll over that icon c) then click on Menu and click on My Content d) you will come to the My Content Page, then click on the content you want to access. e) then you will access your content 2. OR go direct to the MY Content page on the Menu and you will be forced to log in when you try and access the page content.
  • Can I use my existing LOG IN details from www.sarahfielkeblockofmonth.com to access content on the new www.sarahfielke.com?
    NO. You will need to use the email address and password (or google/facebook log in) you set up on the new www.sarahfielke.com to access content. If you used your existing email address and password that you use for the BOM site, then of course, it will be the same.
  • When will www.sarahfielkeblockofmonth.com content be merged onto the new www.sarahfielke.com?
    I am to set up all the existing content - old BOMs, pattern videos, Book videos and online classes onto the new platform in the next 1 to 2 months. There is alot of content to set up but I am already halfway there. Once the content is set up, I will then add access to this content for all BOM website members. I will keep you updated week by week as this process happens, and hopefully keep the disruption to a minimum.
  • How can I purchase the subscriptions, if the sign up buttons aren't responding?
    Here are direct links to the sign up pages: 1. For Stop Thief BOM: For the upfront – https://www.sarahfielke.com/plans-pricing/payment/eyJpbnRlZ3JhdGlvbkRhdGEiOnsicGxhbklkcyI6WyI0MTg5Mzc1MS1jMDI4LTQzNGYtOGQ2Zi00MGI1ZDgzNmY3MzEiXX0sInBsYW5JZCI6IjQxODkzNzUxLWMwMjgtNDM0Zi04ZDZmLTQwYjVkODM2ZjczMSJ9 For the monthly – https://www.sarahfielke.com/plans-pricing/payment/eyJpbnRlZ3JhdGlvbkRhdGEiOnsicGxhbklkcyI6WyJlMTY5ZDdmMi05MzJiLTRjZTgtYmQzMC1kMjNlMmQzMzlkZDMiXX0sInBsYW5JZCI6ImUxNjlkN2YyLTkzMmItNGNlOC1iZDMwLWQyM2UyZDMzOWRkMyJ9
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