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Colour questions

Hi StitchyMites

I hope you’re all well. After a quiet week I am finally on my way home to my studio on Friday! It has been nice seeing family but I will be glad to be back home. I’m not sure that Chippie will though - three weeks of other dogs and rolling in echidna poo and chasing through paddocks has been her bliss. Needless to say she is exhausted.

A few bits of news this week before we go forward. For the first time ever, Aurifil are releasing an Advent Calendar! From the Aurifil peeps:

A delightful homage to the holiday traditions of our childhood, it was designed to rekindle the pure, unadulterated joy that once sparkled in our eyes as we eagerly awaited the festive season. Each compartment holds one small spool of Aurifil’s 100% cotton thread, meticulously curated to bring a burst of excitement.

Le Alpi Advent Calendar will have a palette of 24 hues includes five brand-new, limited-edition 50wt colors exclusive to this advent calendar as well as the introduction of five new shades of 8wt and a medley of Aurifil’s cotton thread weights.

This is a pre order that will arrive around November 2024, and needs to be ordered from my website in the next few days, because once they’re gone, they’re gone - and I can’t order more. Don’t miss out, its going to be lovely. Order here

Also, despite me thinking that the book for the Stop, Thief! BOM wouldn’t be out until 2025, apparently I am editing it in July and it will be in your hot little hands sometime in August. You can preorder at my website - and don’t forget that if you were a BOM member for Stop, Thief!, you have been sent a discount code. 

And also! I have a bunch of classes coming up in the next 6 months or so. My own retreat classes are in August in Sydney, you can find the bookings here. I have so much fun stuff planned, including goodie bags and prizes, along with the classes themselves. You can find all the info here 

I will be in The Netherlands and Germany in October - at Atelier Quiltlokaal and Bossche Quilts & Meer in The Netherlands, and Quiltzauberei in Germany. You can book by contacting the shops directly.

I am teaching at Road to California in January 2025, and class registration opens on July 1, all the information will be at their website https://www.roadtocalifornia.com/

I will be teaching my brand new Tweedle Dee Project Bag at all these locations, as well as other things! 

I hope you’ll come along and stitch with me somewhere close to where you are :)

On to colour!

From last week’s homework, here are some value explorations from Sara and Jeanne, they show before and after of their arrangements with the naked eye, then after looking for the value through an artificial one. Its always interesting to see how much has changed. Of course, depending on what you chose to start with it can be very easy or very hard, and theres always a few than jump no matter where you put them. In Jeanne’s selections you can see that the purple fabric jumped places, but its the red one that catches my eye. To me it seems lighter than the pink tin both pics, but in pic #1 it’s less so. That’s because moving the purple has changed the value a little. Squint your eyes at the pics and see if you agree.

Sara’s fabrics are interesting too - they have shifted around quite a lot after her black and white photo. The one that interests me here though is the blue with the white sunflowers on it. Sara has placed it with the darks each time, but that fabric isn’t actually about the colour of the background, it’s about all the white in it. I would try putting it right up the front with the lights and taking another pic in black and white Sara, and see what you think! :)