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Courting Sew Along Week 2

​Hi everyone and welcome to week 2 of the Courting Sew Along!

If you would like to join in with the Sew Along, all you need is the Courting pattern, available as a PDF download from my website. This is the second post for the Sew Along, there will be two more, on Wednesday May 15 and 22 respectively.

I hope you have all had a chance to choose your fabrics and get organised. This week we are going to make the hearts for the centre of your Courthouse Steps blocks. Depending on which size quilt you have chosen to make, you will need - 

  • King - 9 hearts

  • Queen - 9 hearts

  • Single - 6 hearts

  • Throw - 9 hearts

  • Cot -  4 hearts

There are 9 of the heart block foundation papers at the end of the pattern. Print the required number out onto foundation paper before you begin sewing, and put a fresh needle into your sewing machine.

Don't forget that in addition to the photos below, the pattern comes with access to a comprehensive video tutorial about how to foundation paper piece these little pretties on the My Content page, scroll down to the Courting Tutorial. (Log in first to access)

You can find foundation paper here and add a quarter rulers here at my website. In the photos below, I am using pieces of fabric that I have cut roughly out, rather than the more precise measurements given in the pattern. This is how I usually FPP - I just cut a strip of fabric to the largest measurement needed, then chop smaller pieces off the strip as I go to piece with. Its quicker, and it also gives you a bit more fabric to play with as you sew - but you can't write a pattern that way! ;-)

Cut each paper heart block template out ROUGHLY - a little way outside the outer line of the template. Do not cut them out on the line.

The printed side of the paper is your SEWING line. The blank side of the paper is where your fabric goes. You will find detailed instructions in the pattern, and also in the video that is included with the pattern.

One of the most important things to remember as you FPP is the trimming away step. It takes all the bulk out of your block, but it also gives you an accurate reference for where your next piece of fabric should be lined up. As a refresher, lay your piece of cardboard along the sewing line between the two pieces you are about to sew, covering the piece already attached to the paper. Fold the paper back sharply along the line against the card. Trim back any of the fabric that is protruding PAST 1/4” from the crease using a ruler - a 1/4" ruler is excellent for this.

Remove the card, fold the paper open along the crease and turn the paper over to the fabric side to start again. 

Repeat these steps with each piece of fabric in order, until you have covered the whole heart with fabric. Trim the paper and any excess fabric back to the outside line of the block.

Do not remove the foundation papers until you have sewn the first two rows of strips in the block, and the heart is completely surrounded. Then you can turn the block over and remove the papers along the stitching lines. 

Your hearts should measure 2 1/2” square. Make 9 (or the number needed for your quilt layout).

This week is a quickie! Next week we will start to sew your blocks together. If you want to get ahead, you can start thinking about what order your fabrics will go in for each block, and cut some of the 2 1/2" strips out according to your pattern. 

This week I have a little giveaway for you!

I would love to see your heart blocks when they're done... post a pic to social media, either on Instagram using the hashtag #courtingquilt or #sarahfielke OR to Facebook, either tagging Sarah Fielke Textile Designer or post it in my Sarah Fielke Quilts Facebook group. Each post will earn you an entry to win this little heart pinnie and a pair of little scissors - its the perfect size to tuck into your sewing tin or pouch when you're on the go! It's all stitched up and ready to post out to someone. Entries are open until May 22 (the final week of the Sew Along), so any time you post a pic of your fabrics, your hearts or your blocks in construction you will get an entry. I will announce the winner in the final Sew Along post on the 22nd.

Thanks peeps! See you next week!


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