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Dinner is served

Hi peeps!

Well the man in the red suit isn’t far away now… even if you don’t celebrate Christmas though, you will have some fun stitching up the placemats we talked about last week! The food I’m using for Lizzie’s mats is a bit Aussie summer, and also some of her favourites. I hope she likes them. I just hand drew mine, but if you have food you particularly want to illustrate on your mats and you aren’t a scribbler, try googling “clip art of hot dogs” (or whatever), print the drawing off and go from there.

Remember that you don’t want them to be too detailed, for these particular placemats they are supposed to look a bit wobbly and rustic, its part of their charm.

I had a lot of fun stitching this first one up, the others are drawn but not sewn…. I have a week, I need to get my skates on big time or its dinner for one!!

As I sew them I will post pictures here for you, so you can see how I arranged everything. I used a light box (but you can use a window or a glass table with a lamp under it) to trace the designs on using a sharp pencil.

I’ve done a little video about how to bury the knots and how to backstitch and do lazy daisies and colonial knots.

This is just a little quickie freebie pattern for you so the templates are hand drawn and not computerised! So please excuse their more rustic appearance than my usual templates. I’m considering making these into an online class with embroidery and drawing instructions, so if I do I will make sure and give you StitchyMites a discount if you want to take it.

template 1
Download PDF • 53KB

template 2
Download PDF • 20KB

template 3
Download PDF • 32KB

template 4
Download PDF • 30KB

Thats all for today folks! Only one StitchyMites post until Christmas :)

Sarah xx

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