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Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday Reward

Welcome to Wednesday! It’s a hot and humid day here in Sydney, and it feels like summer might finally be coming. I can’t wait, because I’m taking a whole month off between December 15, when the last pattern for The Secret Garden drops, and January 15, which is when the Stop, Thief! BOM starts. I usually have two weeks off but this year has just been crazy. I’ll still do StitchyMites of course, and I’ll still ship orders, but I’ll be as “off work” as I ever manage to get :D

As its creeping slowly towards the Silly Season, I’ve been digging a few of my favourite recipes out of the vault and dusting them off. We had my son Charlie’s in-laws staying with us last weekend, so we had a nice little celebratory drink on the balcony, one of my favourite combinations. As its Thanksgiving in the US tomorrow and the other holidays are just around the corner, I thought you might like the recipes! They’re quick and easy and they go beautifully together. You can find the recipes for my Parmesan biscuits and Sgroppino cocktail at the end of this post.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, we now tackle the twisty issue of the Black Friday Sales. There’s a lot of “no I don’t do them because they’re so commercial” and also “I can’t believe you don’t have one” out there. I don’t have a lot of sales, and funnily enough when I do have them I find that people don’t really take advantage of them! However I do usually do a discount for Black Friday as my once a year thing, so here’s your special StitchyMites deal.

Everyone else (general public, not uber special SMites peeps) will be able to take 10% off all digital products (PDF patterns, online classes - not 2024 BOM) for Thursday and Friday. Because you guys are special and I love you, you will be able to take 20% off everything in the shop, excluding Lap Apps, bias tape, thread packs, kits and 2024 BOM subscription and templates. Please use code IHEARTSMITES at checkout, from now until it expires at 11.59pm on Saturday, November 25 SYDNEY TIME. - https://www.sarahfielke.com/shop-all

Thanksgiving as a concept always seems such a beautiful idea to me. I know it’s fraught with the difficulties and complications of family and politics and other boulders that are in the way. But.


The thought that there is a day to express all the things you’re thankful for, and be grateful for them. I mean, we should be grateful for the good things we have every day, right? We don’t always remember that though. The idea of actively sitting down and saying to the people you love, I am grateful for my life, is a good one. So I’m going to take the opportunity to tell you that I’m grateful for my boys, for Damo and for Chippie. I’m grateful to live in the beautiful place that I do, and to be able to spend my day creating and working at something I love, that I’ve built with my own two hands. I’m grateful for warm water and quiet beach mornings, for the hundreds of beautiful birds that swoop past my windows, and for my owls that hoot through the night outside my bedroom. I’m grateful for dark chocolate, gin and tonic, sharp new milliners needles and books yet to be read. I’m grateful for Bridgerton and for true crime podcasts. And Im grateful for you, peeps! Thanks for being here to listen to me babble on about my bits and pieces every Wednesday. You are ace.

To that end, please enjoy your sale code, the two recipes at the end of the post, and yet another couple of little videos about the quilts at the Houston Show. Will they ever end? Theres lots more :D

Have a great week everyone, if you are in the US I hope your Thanksgiving is beautiful (please eat all the pies for me, especially the pumpkin ones!!) and I will see you next Wednesday for the next instalment of StitchyMites.

Sarah xx

Sgroppino Cocktail

Elegant and excellent with snacks before dinner, and also as a palate cleanser at the end of the meal. Serve in a beautiful glass.

Makes one cocktail

15ml vodka

60ml Prosecco

1 scoop lemon sorbet

Sprig mint

1. Add the 3 ingredients into a mason jar or tupperware container

2. Stir to combine

3. Place in the freezer for 15-20 minutes

4. Remove and pour into coupe glass or champagne flute

5. Serve with a sprig of mint

Parmesan Biscuits

These are easy, crumbly and delicious, and if there’s more than 4-6 people you will want more than one batch, trust me. You can add things to make them more fancy, like a tablespoon of chopped rosemary, or some toasted sesame seeds - I sometimes like to add a teaspoon of chilli flakes to the dough. They really don’t need it though, and if you use fresh parmesan and grate it rather than pregrated, packet parmesan they are even more delicious and cheesy. Please don’t use the Parmesan sprinkles you get in a can for putting on pizza etc, that doesn’t count as cheese :) These keep for about a week in an airtight container.

100g salted butter , chopped 100g parmesan cheese , grated 95g plain flour

Process the butter, flour and parmesan in a food processor until a wet crumbly dough. You can also do this by hand - place the flour and butter into a bowl and use your fingers to rub the butter into the flour until a crumble dough forms. Then add the parmesan cheese and use your fingers to rub it into the mixture.

If you are adding something like rosemary or chilli to your biscuits, add it at the same time as the parmesan cheese.

Lightly flour a surface and turn the dough out onto it. Knead to bring together, then shape into two logs with a diameter of around 3 cm and about 15cm in length.

Wrap with cling wrap and refrigerate for 1 hour or until firm.

Preheat oven to 180°C. Line 1 large baking tray or 2 ordinary baking trays with baking paper (parchment paper). Remove the log from the fridge and use a sharp knife to cut the log into 7mm thick rounds.

Place the biscuits onto the baking tray at least 2cm apart and bake for 12 mins or until light golden. Stand on trays for 5 minutes then transfer to a wire rack to cool.

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