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Ho Ho Ho, it’s the Jinglebird! Time for some Christmas Swap action peeps!

Registration pens today for my annual Christmas Ornament swap! The first year I did this it was during the pandemic, and the Swap was only available for Aussies. However SO MANY OF YOU wanted to play from around the world, that the last two years I opened it to everyone around the world - and it was such fun and such a success that I'm doing it again. Plus we had NO FLAKERS two years in a row if you can believe that! Everyone sent their package - only one was lost in the post. Let's all be awesome and do that again this year peeps :

There are some things you need to know that are VERY IMPORTANT before you sign up so please read everything before you hare off to join.

  1. The swap works like this. You register at my website, I take a few weeks to work out everyone’s partners, you are sent their name and address and preferences for a Christmas ornament. You then make or purchase an ornament, and post it to them by the deadline date, along with a little treat or a Christmas card or whatever takes your fancy to send.

  2. Details of dates, rules, signups etc are on the website. You will also receive an email after you sign up.

  3. Please DO NOT JOIN if you cannot commit to making or purchasing something for your partner by the shipping date. Also please remember that people go to a lot of trouble to make lovely things, you need to send something to your partner that you would enjoy receiving yourself.

  4. There is a $5 AUS registration fee to participate. This is basically to cover the admin, which is extensive when there are so many of you! We had several hundred last year and its a lot of organising and emailing and chasing people up. PLEASE NOTE that if you join my new StitchyMites club, the $5 fee is waived especially for members. Go to your StitchyMites account after Wednesday, September 20 for your Swap code.

  5. Your partner could be from anywhere in the world. I simply cannot manage to partner people only within their own country, especially as well had people from 15 different countries last year. Participants are mainly from Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Please don’t sign up if you are not willing to post your package internationally. Remember that a small flat Christmas ornament made of fabric or felt tucked inside a Christmas card won’t be heavy, so there are ways to send something lovely without having to pay a lot of postage.

That’s it! I hope you’ll join us, it was truly lovely last year. Use the hashtag #sarahchristmasswap or #aussieornamentswap and the screenshot of my Jinglebird birdie to post on social media about your ornament or to let your stitchy friends know about the fun!

PLEASE please remember to read everything carefully and to put your preferences in at checkout!

Thank you xxxx

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