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Hooray! The Tiny Town Sew Along

Hooray! The Tiny Town Sew Along that so many of you have asked me for since the pattern released begins this Wednesday, September 20 Aussie time (thats the 19th for those of you who live in YesterdayLand!). Thank so much to you all for the amazing reception this little cutie has received. The Sew Along is FREE, you don’t need to sign up or do anything at all other than join in, stitch along and enjoy. The one thing that you do need is buy the Tiny Town pattern - you can do that here, in either PDF or hard copy format. The pattern contains all the templates, however if you don’t want to make 199 paper houses for the English Paper Piecing, you can also buy a pack of papers and a peeper template here.

The Sew Along is for the original Tiny Town quilt layout, but theres also an option for a small, door sized Halloween banner quilt that will be revealed on Wednesday too. The best bit about Spooky Town is that there will be little applique ghosts and tombstones, instead of the dogs and bikes - and also an option to buy specially printed fat quarters I designed, with scary Halloween words on them! They are perfectly house sized and shaped, - ready for you to cut out and put your papers on!! You’ll be able to choose wether to spell out Spooky Town, Halloween, Trick or Treat or BOO! In your house rows - or you can use them all. Each fat quarter contains all the words, and some little ghosts besides. The quilt will still be gorgeous without the word houses, but it sure is cute with them.

If you would like the pattern for the Spooky Town add on, its an extra $10 AUD and is only available via PDF. It’s for sale now, but it won’t be delivered to you until Wednesday when the Sew Along opens.

You must have the original Tiny Town pattern as well for the measurements and house details and instructions.

HOWEVER! If you have joined my StitchyMites club, you will get the Halloween add on as part of your subscription - click here for all the details.

To participate and see everyone else’s quilts, please use and follow the hashtag #tinytownquilt on Instagram, or join my Facebook group to see everyone else’s progress - /sarahfielkequilts.

The first post for the Sew Along will be HERE, on Wednesday September 20, Sydney time. There will be a total of four posts, one each Wednesday for four weeks, ending October 18.

I hope you’ll stitch along with me peeps! This is such a fun and addictive little quilt.

Thank you xxxx

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