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September Newsletter

Hi peeps! All the exciting things I've been planning and brewing away all year are finally ready to start releasing. There's more to come in the next few weeks, this is just the beginning! I'm so excited to start revealing all the fun stuff. Please make sure to read through this whole email before you sign up or pay for anything - because there’s options, and a new fun way to get some of the things below for free!

First of all, the Tiny Town Sew Along that so many of you have asked me for since the pattern originally released, begins this Wednesday, September 20 Aussie time (thats the 19th for those of you who live in YesterdayLand!). Thank you all so much for the amazing reception this little cutie has received. The Sew Along is FREE, you don’t need to sign up or do anything at all other than join in and enjoy. The one thing that you do need is buy the Tiny Town pattern - you can do that here, in either PDF or hard copy format. The pattern contains all the templates, however if you don’t want to make 199 paper houses for the English Paper Piecing, you can also buy a pack of papers and a peeper template here.

The Sew Along is for the original Tiny Town quilt layout, but there’s also an option for a small, door sized Halloween banner quilt that will be revealed on Wednesday as well. The best bit about it is that there will be little applique ghosts and tombstones - instead of the dogs and bikes - and also an option to buy specially printed fat quarters with scary Halloween words on them. These are perfectly house sized and shaped, ready for you to cut out and put your papers on!! You’ll be able to choose whether to spell Spooky Town, Halloween, Trick or Treat and BOO! The quilt will still be gorgeous without the word houses, but it sure is cute with them.

If you would like the pattern for the Spooky Town add on, its an extra $10 AUD and is only available via PDF.​ It’s for sale now, but it won’t be delivered to you until Wednesday when the Sew Along opens. Don’t forget to keep reading the email though, because you can get that add on pattern for free!

The second exciting thing is that the signups for my Christmas Ornament Swap are now open - yippee! The Swap will run the same way as last year. Pop over and sign up, and pay the $5 admin fee - and DON’T FORGET to put your preference details in the box at check out. If you haven’t participated in my Swap before, it truly is one of my favourite things to do all year. It’s just so lovely and its fantastic to see how happy everyone is plotting their ornaments for their partners. All the details are here so that you can find out how it works and what’s expected of you.​ Hang on though - there’s a way to get the Swap for free too!

And here is the drumroll - how do you get Spooky Town and the Christmas Swap for free, as well as a bunch of other things every week?

I am starting a subscription program called StitchyMites. If you’re an Aussie, you’ll already be humming the song in your head… you’ll have to click through and read all about it to see what I mean. StitchyMites is a weekly newsletter from me, at a special website that’s just for members. Each week throughout the year there will be a new post. Sometimes special access to a new pattern (like Spooky Town!), sometimes discounts on existing programs (like the Christmas Swap!), sometimes a post about new fabric I’ve seen, new quilting tools, someone I follow online who I think is amazing, a new book. I might write a story. There might be a block pattern, a tutorial video, a special sale code… and you’ll have the inside scoop on new things before I make them public. It will always be different and always be fun, and you will have it all to your own little self every week of the year for only $5 AUD a month. Yep - $5 a month, which is around $3.20 US, 3 Euro or 2.60 GBP a month (at current rates).

When you sign up the subscription rolls over every month and you are automatically charged, unless you choose to opt out which you can do at any time. Sound fun? I’ve got some fun things planned for you, I do hope you’ll join me and be a happy little StitchyMite! Click here to sign up, the first post will be for Spooky Town and it will be up on Wednesday. So that’s a huge amount of information for one email, but I do need to tell you one more thing, and that’s about my 2024 Block of the Month program. Information will be coming very soon, but suffice to say its very exciting… I have two programs running in 2024, one after the other, and I have partnered with some incredibly exciting people to bring them to you. They are both very very different from each other, and both will have optional…. DRUMROLL…. FABRIC KITS!! I know that SO MANY OF YOU have asked me for kits in the past and peeps, they are COMING. Woohoo!!

I’m bursting with excitement in case you can’t tell! I hope you’ll all come along for the ride. Sarah

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