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Tiny Town Sew Along Week 3

Hi everyone and welcome to Week 3!

Have you all been sewing those houses down? I hope so, because it’s time to start making some trees.

All you need for this week is one row of houses that are stitched to the background. We’re going to talk a bit about an easy way of making the trunks nice and straight and even, and how to make the circles and triangle trees.

To make my trunks I used a Hera Marker (https://www.sarahfielke.com/products/hera-marker). These are such a handy little tool, you can use them for a million things. I particularly like them for making bias tape, but they’re excellent for “tape” that isn’t bias too, and thats basically what the trunks of these trees are.

To make your trunks, cut your fabric to the size listed in the pattern, and then turn the piece over to the back. Rule up each side of the trunk, 1/4” in from the edge, using the Hera Marker. As you can see from the video, you need to give it a good hard go.

Take the trunk to the ironing board and press along the crease on one side with the tip of the iron, and then the other. Turn the trunk over and press from the front to set the creases, and its ready to stitch, with lovely straight crisp edges!

I have a handy little trick for making those circles too…. it’s one of my favourites. Making perfect circles is a difficult thing to do when sewing, and this takes all the hard work out.

The trees are centred in the gaps between the houses. Make a crease to find the centre, then centre the trunk over the crease, and then add the “leaves”.

Once you have everything in place and glued down (https://www.sarahfielke.com/products/liquid-applique-glue) you can just stitch them in place with their beautifully turned edges, just like we have done for the houses.

The triangle trees are a little different - they are needleturn appliquéd. I use the silver gel pen (https://www.sarahfielke.com/products/silver-gel-pen) listed in the material requirements to draw the line onto the FRONT of the fabric, then glue the piece down and finger press along the line. Then use your needle to turn the piece under as you stitch. If you would like to learn more about my method of needleturn appliqué, I have an on demand, online class available at my website (https://www.sarahfielke.com/products/online-class-learn-to-needleturn-applique-sept-5-11)

There is also a smaller Halloween version of the pattern, that has some very cute little ghosts and tombstones to applique. That is available for purchase as a PDF download HERE, or you can join my StitchyMites subscription club and receive it free as part of your membership. StitchyMites will also be receiving some extra Spooky Town tips and tricks.

Have fun with making your little trees peeps! And keep stitching those little EPPs together, its one row at a time :) For our last week next week, we're going to talk about those teeny little dogs, the trees in the border and rounding the corners when you bind your finished quilt.

Please use the hashtag #tinytownquilt on Instagram or join my Sarah Fielke Quilts Facebook group to share your progress and see other people’s work. See you on Wednesday, October 11 for Part 4.

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