Material Obsession 2


Each of the pairs of quilts in this gorgeous new book by quilters Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke springs from a single idea or shared moment of inspiration. The results – like non-identical twins – are inextricably linked, yet intriguingly different. With their re-interpretation of traditional designs, as well as a characteristic bold use of colour and dazzling patterns, Sarah and Kathy’s quilts will appeal to quilters of all levels – from new quilt-makers looking for the next challenge, to experienced quilters, ready to embrace some of the more complex projects. With practical step-by-step instructions, a comprehensive basics section and glorious photographs, this is a book to make your fingers tingle with sheer inspiration.

- Material Obsession Two features practical, user-friendly patterns for attractive, contemporary
quilts - 21 projects in total
- Includes projects suitable for both novice and experienced quilters
- A detailed techniques section complete with step-by-step photographs provides a visual guide
to patchwork and quilting, plus there is a detailed template sheet included in a pocket on the
inside back cover
- Features modern design and beautiful photography