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What is StitchyMites?

StitchyMites is a subscription club for all things Sarah Fielke and a bunch of other stuff besides.

Each week there will be a new post on the StitchyMites club website that is just for StitchyMites members. You will have access to extras that aren’t available to non-members, early access to sales and other signups, and get the inside scoop on things before they’re public.

I’ve been playing with how to do this for a long time! It’s like a blog, but so much more.

Choose your payment plan

  • StitchyMites Monthly Membership

    Every month
    Australian Dollars
  • StitchyMites Annual Subscription

    Australian Dollars
    Valid for 12 months

Your StitchyMites subscription will open on Wednesday, September 20, with the Spooky Town Sew Along pattern. You can read more about that in the Sew Along link at my website. The Sew Along is free to anyone. The pattern for the Tiny Town quilt is available at my website, and everyone MUST have a copy of the pattern to participate - but there is a really sweet Halloween version that non-members will need to pay $10 for. StitchyMite members will get the pattern as part of their subscription, along with some demo videos about English Paper Piecing and applique that the other sew along members will not have. 

You will also have free access to my Christmas Ornament Swap should you choose to participate - there is usually an AU$5 admin fee, but if you’re a StitchyMite that is waived. If you DO want to participate, don’t sign up for the swap yet because you will be given a special code to remove your fee on Wednesday.

After the stitch along is over, every week there will be something new:

  • Sometimes it might be special access to a new pattern (like Spooky Town!), 

  • Sometimes discounts on existing programs (like the Christmas Swap!).  

  • Sometimes there will be a post about new fabric I’ve seen, new quilting tools, someone I follow online who I think is amazing, or a new book. 

  • Occasionally, a few of those things at once! I might write a story. 


There might be a block pattern, a little applique project, a tutorial video, a video show and tell, a special sale code… we might even have a few Zoom chats. 

Whatever it is, it will always be a bonus. Also, you’ll have the inside scoop on new things before I make them public - sneak peeks of new designs and programs that are just for the StitchyMites Vault. Sound like fun?

StitchyMites does NOT include access to any current or future Block of the Month programs.

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